MAN-MACHINE CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK How much does cost an idea? How could we quantify an idea´s value objectively? The purpose of this artwork is the representation of the man-machine concept, the quantification of a mental process timing, and the concept of periodicity (worktime-cyles), as well as the artificial intelligence (as some kind of substance that rules by itself). Man, machine. Both are living in a constant competition, so close one to each other: men are always trying to imitate artificially computers, and computers become more and more a thinking substance, with all it´s contradictions. The maker of these two conditions is the same one, of course: human itself. Perception is emulated by the development of sensors, and the mysterious cerebral mechanism, by algorithms. All that was science fiction in the past, becomes truth now. On the other hand, the evolution of  communication and communicative processes gets into a dizzy speed, and becomes a matter of first-order importance.

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